Non-Dairy Soft Serve

& Vegan Treats

** We serve hot items, such as veg hot dogs and veg meatball subs during our day long events.

Ingredients include: non-gmo soy milk powder and isolated soy protein, cane sugar, water, natural thickeners, vanilla, cocoa, salt. A small/kid portion is approximately 100 calories, 7 grams of sugar (23 carbs) and no fat. The nutritional info can range depending on the density of product.



(except for the sprinkles)


*vanilla and chocolate*

 vegan soft serve

in cups or cones


Toppings may include:

chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce,

chocolate and rainbow sprinkles,

peanut butter sauce, oreo crumbles, toasted coconut,

coffee syrup 




Flavors may include:

vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, mocha,

peanut butter, chocolate-peanut butter



Flavors may include:

rootbeer, orange, coke


*frozen slushie* 

Flavors may include:

lemon, watermelon, mango


*candy bars*

7 delicious vegan versions of classic candy bars

(6 of the 7 bars are gluten-free)

by GoMaxGo



*vegan jerky*

several meatless versions of jerky

teriyaki, thai peanut, mesquite lime, hot & spicy,
BBQ, hickory smoke (these two flavors are gluten-free)

water and soda